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Welcome to the Asylum

To avoid the build-up of writing an earth shattering first post in order to justify this blog’s existence, I’ll just link to this post which inquires about the claim made by some libertarians that libertarianism may be crazy, but it’s the best we’ve got. This appears to be an iteration of the old street fighting saying: Crazy beats strong every time.

I’ll close by highlighting John Fischer’s comment:

I actually don’t think libertarianism is ‘crazy’–nor do I think my own approach is! I think each approach has its more and less attractive features, and one has to do some sort of holistic ‘cost/beneft’ analysis.

Why not, however, opt for the best view: Semicompatibilism. We can accept the best features of libertarianism: the incompatibility of causal determinism and freedom to do otherwise and also the fact that we are indeed robustly morally responsible–and yet avoid the worst aspects of libertarianism, including that our freedom hangs on a thread. What is appealing about Semicompatibilism is that it avoids some of the ‘craziness’ of other views and embraces their sane and sensible insights!

What’s not to like?



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