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Hopeful Calvinism (Part 2)

(I introduced the concept of this post last time in part 1. What follows is a continuation of pat 1 and assumes it as a background.) 3.a. Problems and Prospects In presenting a possible case where one might be a hopeful Calvinist, there are several problems such a case will meet. One is that the […]

Hopeful Calvinism (Part 1)

0. Introduction “Hopeful Universalism” gets a lot of attention these days. It is said that, even if you don’t believe that universal reconciliation is the case, you should at least hope that it is the case. Of course, universalists think this, but so do many non-universalists (whether they are agnostic on the matter, annihilationalists, committed […]

Welcome to the Asylum

To avoid the build-up of writing an earth shattering first post in order to justify this blog’s existence, I’ll just link to this post which inquires about the claim made by some libertarians that libertarianism may be crazy, but it’s the best we’ve got. This appears to be an iteration of the old street fighting saying: […]